Written by AJ Durtschi

Opening Doors Isn’t Enough

Austin, Texas | Austin Linen Service

It’s mind boggling the infinite number of choices we have when it comes to products and services.  Faster and cheaper are only two clicks away and free overnight shipping makes being local no longer a necessity more and more. Now, every business owner must question why people will pay for their products or services.

It’s forced me as a business owner to think beyond linens and cleaning to how we become even more relevant to our customers.

The value of everything has always been in the meaning and the story. It’s what we tell ourselves about having, owning, or using a product or service. The Internet just brought that more into focus.

The truth is if you can’t add value in the moment, then the only opportunity open to you is to add meaning.

What logical reasons are you giving your customers to bypass one, 10, or even a 100 other choices? Just opening your doors, even if they are virtual doors, won’t cut it anymore. Today it comes down to value and meaning.


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