Written by AJ Durtschi

Planning An Austin Event? 5 Linens You Should Rent, and Not Buy

Planning An Event? 5 Linens You Should Rent --- And Not Buy

Austin is the No. 1 fastest growing "large city" in the country according to personal finance site Wallet Hub.

Austin is also known for its music, food, University of Texas, and for being the capital of Texas which means Austin is a hub for events, big and small.

As the only commercial locally-cleaned linen service in Austin, Austin Linen Service provides linens for many large and small events. Following are some tips on things you should rent, and not buy if planning an event.

Planning An Austin Event? 5 Linens You Should Rent, and Not Buy | by AJ Durtschi

5 Linens You Should Rent, And Not Buy for An Austin Event

  • Table Linens

  • Napkins

  • Towels

  • Apparel Linens

  • Floor Mats

Table linens are not all created equal. Make sure you get quality and realize table linens come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Check out our guide for tablecloth sizes for round, square, rectangular, and oblong tables. This will be an indispensable guide when determining what you need.

Once you've determined what you need it's now easier to organize linen service providers like Austin Linen Service to check on quality and availability based on color, size, and quantity.

Also, don't forget about table placements, table runners, chair accessories, and incorporating fabric as an element of the event theme and décor.

Napkins can also come in several sizes. I always recommend if you don't know the size you are looking for that you consult with an event planner or check with Austin Linen Service. Considerations for size will depend on the type of event (i.e., dinner, bar, casual, etc.).

Make sure you know the quality and age of the linen napkins --- especially to ensure the linens are bright in color and not pilling.

Consider the type of towels needed for your Austin event. Determine the type of towels you need such as server towels, bar towels, kitchen towels, washcloths, or bathroom towels.

Consider the apparel linens required for your Austin event. Determine if you need chef attire, kitchen aprons, and/or cleaning attendant attire.

Floor mats can be very welcoming to the entrance of an event, especially outdoor events where foot traffic often causes wear and tear to the landscape. This is one of the unforeseen items forgotten at many events. Floor mats will trap dirt, dust, and moisture before it gets inside. Consider floor mats for the entrance, around high-traffic areas, and food and serving areas.

There are several types of floor mats to consider, such as:

  • Carpet mats that come in a variety of colors made with 100% Nitrile Rubber for maximum durability.
  • Custom logo mats (purchase only) strategically placed to complement the décor and provide protection and safety.
  • Antimicrobial mats that are non-slip and are oil, water, and grease resistant and drain well. These are great for high foot traffic areas.