Poor Service, Bad Linens

Poor Service, Bad Linens | by AJ Durtschi

We are all consumers.

We have access to lots of information usually right in the palm of our hand.

We can use Yelp to determine where we are going to dine based on the reviews of what other customers say.

We use Google to research information and find the best deals before we make a purchase.

We make split-second decisions based on movies we’ll watch, places we’ll eat, vacations we’ll take, cars we’ll buy, concerts we’ll attend, businesses we’ll use all based on what others say online.

Have you seen the commercial for Sandals Royal Bahamian resort?

It’s elegant and begins with “Discover the splendor of the Bahamas’ most elegant resort, Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort, and Offshore Island. Once the privileged retreat for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, this grand resort continues to enchant with unprecedented beauty, European grandeur, and unmatched service.”

It’s pretty amazing, right? If you are like me, you are ready to pack your bags and head to Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort which is “tucked into a pearl-like-chain of 700 islands.”

That is until you read what Viveca B of Ontario had to say about her recent stay at the resort. She said, “Poor service, bad linens.”

Review of well known resort

She further elaborated and said, “The best part of our 4 days was Leroy, a very creative sous chef! He is very talented and created a few dishes for us that were outstanding. If only there were more Leroys!! We have been to other Sandals and have been very impressed. The Royal Bahamian needs to pick up its socks!!”

Her comment just made two days ago has already received one thumbs up from a person who said her review was helpful.

Sure as business owners we all have off days. However, it pays to remember that the whole world is watching and sharing.

Now, how about some quality clean linens that even Viveca would like — and talk about online?