Written by AJ Durtschi

Put Your Linens to Work

Put Your Linens To Work | by AJ Durtschi

What do your linens do and say about your business besides the obvious? Do they suggest that you’re classy, streamlined, consistent, fresh, clean, efficient and that you pay attention to the details? Or perhaps they are less flattering and give the impression that your business is unorganized, inefficient, or worst, normal? Are your linens just a part of what makes your business forgettable, or are they contributing to the overall impression of your business and what makes it remarkable?

Forgettable businesses use tired strategies in order to sustain their business. Their focus isn’t on the customer or the big picture, but on problems that they think could affect the customer. Value, therefore, is not seen from beginning to end, if it’s seen at all. It’s only an afterthought. This ultimately leads to customer dissatisfaction, which in the long run will kill the business.

Businesses that focus on providing the highest quality customer experience only when the assumed need arises, aren’t grasping the larger picture. Value must be seen and felt by the customer from the get-go. Like all business ventures, the end goal of providing a remarkable customer experience is to ultimately bring exceptional value to the customer. If one aspect of your business is a problem, such as your linens, how many more problems are there?

Work on Your Business, Not In It

There is a popular saying among entrepreneurs and business owners that it is more important to work on your business than in it. When you are spending your evenings sorting through sheets and towels and searching for dryer sheets you are definitely not working on your business.

Many owners will hold out for as long as possible with an eye on saving those pennies, all the while missing out on opportunities or ideas for making their business stand out or promoting it. That is where a commercial laundry service, like Austin Linen Service can pay for itself and put your linens to work for your business.

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