Written by AJ Durtschi

Putting the Feeling Into Linens and Towels

Putting the Feeling Into Linens and Towels | by AJ Durtschi

I believe every business in Austin want’s more business and more attention.

At Austin Linen Service we provide world class commercial laundry and linen service to the Austin area. We bring care and attention to the art of laundering for our customers throughout Austin and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. I like to think that we are the best at what we do and many of our customers have shared that sentiment.

But when I’m on the phone or trying to relate to you via my newsletter, conveying my point in bullet points and paragraphs proves to be a difficult task. You don’t get to see my body language or hear the conviction in my voice to “feel” what I’m trying to express. My words are empty unless they bring meaning to you.

I once heard a story of a tea tester, who tasted a thousand cups of tea a day. The tester explained that the secret to a perfect cup of tea was the water. He said the ‘water is the mother of tea.’ I know, it sounds kind of weird, but doesn’t that phrase stick with you a second longer?

Something we all need in our marketing, whether it’s promoting my linen service or promoting your business, is to earn that extra second of attention by putting effort into helping change how people feel and not just providing facts.

Draw more attention by putting the “feeling” back into your marketing with these three ideas:

  1. Tell people what they can do with your service, not just what your products and services do. For example, I believe our clean linens and towels can increase your bottom line.
  2. Let your customers do the talking. Build trust by letting your customer tell their story. I’ve learned that it’s the story people want to hear more than five bullet points.
  3. Think about how you want people to feel. Help that customer experience those feelings long before they engage you for your services.

This is how great marketing works. It’s being worthy of getting that extra second of attention.

Let us help you with a linen strategy for your Austin area business.