Written by AJ Durtschi

Quality Linens, Towels, and Sleep

Quality Linens, Towels, and Sleep | by AJ Durtschi

What’s trending today?


The trend in our interest in sleep has grown according to Google Trends by 68 percent over the last ten years. There is even a Ted Talk on how to succeed by getting more sleep as well as a New York Times best-selling book on, you guessed it, sleep.

Sleep permeates our culture. We yearn for it. We look for ways to improve and experience a better sleep in the midst of our busy lives.

The Sleep Revolution

Just check TripAdvisor for B&B and the majority of ads promote comfortable beds and quality linens. It’s a never-ending scroll through photos and videos of beds and linens.

From quality hotels to day spas, to salons, bed and breakfasts, and massage therapy businesses, the marketing message is one of rejuvenation, a better sleep, or attaining a good night’s rest.

A big market for sleep

Whether it’s a better sleep or just feeling rejuvenated, there is a big market for those businesses that deliver. Following are some tips to creating an environment in your business where guests hate to leave because of the experience.

Think guest experience. When considering bed linens think quality and durability. Also, consider choosing white as to avoid any fading colors. White also provides that crisp look and fresh feeling as well as providing an airy and welcome feel to the room.

Make sure you are getting plush, 100 percent cotton towels with a dense loop. Anything below this standard will likely distract from your guests’ experience. Give your guests a feeling of comfort and luxury. Remember your guests’ experience is a vital aspect of your brand’s image. Build your linens around this standard and you’ll see your guests come back for more of the experience.

Remember we all have many choices. It’s important to find niches that make your brand stick in the mind of your customer. Consider doing something unique that make the experience heavenly and not the norm. Maybe it’s ultra-plush pillows, a better quality mattress, bed skirts and cushions, all-white bed linens to produce an oasis feel, triple sheets, or dim lighting. Maybe you top it off with an exquisite turndown service.

Your linens and towels say a lot about your business. They also play a significant role in a growing trend — a quality sleep.

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