Written by AJ Durtschi

Is It Time to Replace Your Bed and Breakfast Bed Linens?

Is It Time To Replace Your Bed & Breakfast Bed Linens? | Eric Austin

There are many things that affect the cleanliness, appearance and longevity of your bed and breakfast bed linens. Items such as:

  • Food stains from eating in bed
  • Pet stains and damage from claws
  • Oily skin (natural)
  • Weather temperature
  • Frequency of use
  • Allergens
  • Wear and tear
  • Cleaning methods used

All of these things and more will play a role in the economic life of your bed linens and when you need to or should replace them.

The main factor that will determine if replacement happens sooner rather than later will be the quality of your linens. The fabric quality is a major element in how soon you will be replacing the bed linens. Quality will also play a role in the comfort and overall impression your guests will experience, so it’s important to the branding of your bed and breakfast as well as to the bottom line to choose quality linens.

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