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Selecting Quality Salon and Spa Towels

Selecting Quality Salon and Spa Towels | Austin Linen Service

Selecting the wrong types of towels for salon or spa usage can quickly deplete your towel stock and leave your linens frayed, spotted, and littered with holes. Most mistakes made by salons and spas regarding their towels and linens can be easily avoided given the correct knowledge concerning this area. We’ve gathered common problems and their relevant strategies below.

Overcoming Common Mistakes

Many, if not all of the problems salons and spas experience with their linens and towels can be traced back to two general areas. Here are a few strategies that, when employed, will help a salon or spa avoid common, costly mistakes in acquiring quality towels and linens.

Chemicals and Incorrect Usage

Towels that repeatedly come into contact with salon and spa chemicals can begin to appear spotty and seem ruined, requiring replacements. This can add up quickly and is an avoidable mistake. Bleach proof towels are able to withstand common salon and spa chemicals, and should be the kind you purchase for this area. Mixing towels between different sections of a salon or spa as well as using the same towels throughout the entire building also brings towels to an early retirement.

Thread and Construction Quality

The quality of your salon and spa linens is directly correlated to how quickly towels will wear out and require replacement. Low quality towels can have a high amount of lint, leading to the towel losing most of it’s bulk and thinning out, which in turn leads to tearing and holes. Linens and towels with poor weave density are also highly susceptible to holes.

Additional Considerations

Hair Coloring Towels

Hair coloring towels should be at least 24 inches for a minimum size. Therefore, to account for shrinkage experienced after washing, aim for 27 inches to 28 inches in the length when purchasing new towels. Tightly woven towels are a must as any loosely woven linen will shrink far beyond the 2 to 2.5 inch threshold needed to be maintained in spa and salon towels. Bleach proof towels add a considerable value as well, as they have a sustained thickness which adds to a longer lifespan that any loops or piles might appear to offer.

Shampooing and Drying Towels

Towels used specifically for shampooing and drying do not need to be bleach proof towels, as they shouldn’t come into contact with strong chemicals that would deteriorate them. These types of towels should be the same length before usage as hair coloring towels with shrinkage not exceeding 2″. Additional features to improve the life of these linens include double hemming, ring spun yarn, and combed cotton.

The extra effort when selecting quality towels for each specific use, will make a difference in the details your client notices when they visit your salon.

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