Written by AJ Durtschi

Sizing Up Your Hotel Linen Service

Sizing Up Your Hotel Linen Service - by AJ Durtschi

Commercial linen services like Austin Linen Service want to persuade hoteliers of the reasons why outsourcing laundry and linens is in their best interests. Hoteliers want to know and consider those reasons.

At Austin Linen Service we believe a hotel should outsource its laundry for these reasons:

  1. It allows the hotel to improve the use of real estate. Hotels can convert existing on-premises laundry (OPL) into functions that increase hotel revenue such as coffee bar, internet room, exercise area, or game room.
  2. It allows the hotel to say goodbye to maintaining expensive equipment that obsolesces to quickly.
  3. It provides hotels with the ability to use a commercial linen service that has the most advanced technology which often means longer shelf life for linens.
  4. Hoteliers’ primary service is to provide a memorable lodging experience for guests. Ours is to provide our hotel customers with professional laundry service.
  5. It’s one less worry for hotel managers to face on a daily basis.

Why hoteliers may hold on to their laundry:

1. Hoteliers are unsure if outsourcing laundry is cost-effective.

If this is the situation, I recommend a cost evaluation to determine all the costs associated with running the laundry. Those costs to consider are equipment, maintenance, linen purchases, labor, management, utilities, and economic and physical obsolescence.

2. Some hoteliers are of the opinion that the equipment adds to the value of the property.

This may be true; however, equipment always obsolesces and eventually needs to be replaced. If equipment needs replacing, it’s hardly of value.

Also, laundry equipment is like owning a home with a pool, good luck getting appreciation in value from that pool! It’s nice to have, but its economic life is always counting down.

The bottom line is that hoteliers must consider whether the switch to a professional like Austin Linen Service will help them achieve revenue gains, produce an immediate bottom-line benefit from cost reduction, and preserve the business’s core competence to grow a profitable operation.

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