Written by AJ Durtschi

Solutions To Medical Linen Loss

Solutions To Medical Linen Loss | Eric Austin

Medical linen loss in hospitals and medical facilities across Texas and the country is widespread and expensive. Nearly 90 percent of all linens used, like towels, scrubs, and blankets, don’t reach their economic life potential, thereby costing the healthcare industry more than $840 million a year. This phenomenon is called “linen loss.”

Medical linens are typically wasted in one of three ways:

  1. Employee loss – Where employees mistakenly take home scrubs.
  2. Patient loss – Patients who see hospital linens, especially baby blankets, as complimentary and therefore take them home.
  3. Improper disposal of linens by staff, which results in many good linens discarded in the trash.

So how can medical facilities and hospitals plug this multi-million dollar hole? The best way is for hospitals, medical facilities, and emergency services to work directly with their linen provider and perform a linen audit.

A linen audit can help identify the linen soil factor and conduct a trash audit to determine the extent of the linen problem. Hospitals can also review linen and ambulance policies as well as make sure there is clear, helpful signage of linen bags, toxic disposal bags, and garbage bags.

Also educating employees about the costs of linen loss and hospital policies to address the issue can be extremely beneficial. Saving money without impairing patient care is important to any medical facility or hospital. Working with a laundry service like Austin Linen Service will help your hospital or medical facility to control linen loss better and ensure a healthy and profitable business process.

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