Success Is More Than Clean Linens At Austin Linen Service


Success Is More Than Clean Linens At Austin Linen Service

Success is supposed to be simple: a clean shirt, nice shoes, and a good lunch.

Once you connect with the right people, it leads to more of the right people until you have enough of the right people.

That’s success.

It’s more complicated than that, but eventually, most people will figure it out.

For businesses though we need more than a clean shirt and linens.

At Austin Linen Service, this is how we see our success.

Business is about relationships

Relationships are more powerful when you think about them in terms of what you can do for other people, rather than thinking about what they can do for you.

Greatness is not just around the corner

Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers makes the case that one needs to invest 10,000 hours of their time mastering a skill to be successful. It doesn’t matter what your business is there is a level of insight that one only achieves through time and experience and is something that doesn’t happen overnight.

Being good in business is art

The business of art is shrouded in mystery. It’s part unknown. Andy Warhol said, “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.”

Business is about leadership and solving problems

A good leader handles his team; a great leader has his eye on the entire company. Anthony Jay said, “You can judge a leader by the size of the problems they tackle.”

A good business always has a good leader behind it.

Business is about innovation

Forward-thinking business leaders don’t just sit at the top and dictate down what they want to happen. They listen to unhappy customers, employees on the frontline, and they turn their input into new ideas for success.

At Austin Linen Service, while we are excellent at producing clean shirts and linens,¬†we realize our success is not just our clean shirts and linens. It’s been our relentless pursuit of building great relationships, of investing the time into achieving excellence, of continually innovating and solving problems.


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