Written by AJ Durtschi

Technology, Salons, Stylists, & Linens

Technology, Salons, Stylists, & Linens - by AJ Durtschi

The world is changing rapidly. We already know it though. According to the International SPA Association Foundation and their recent survey about the preferences, challenges, and motivations for today’s salons, stylists, and spa professionals. They discovered that there was a 7 percent increase in customizing and personalizing services on an individual basis for “each” customer.

They also found that there was an 8 percent increase in adapting and using new technology more effectively. Such technology may be a company called ShearShare.

In an article published by Fast Company in their startup report, they featured a fast-growing company called ShearShare. ShearShare helps salons and stylists with their app rent out unused salon space whenever and wherever.

ShearShare connects salon and barbershop owners to independent stylists to fill unused suites and stations on demand. There is no commitment to a short or long-term rental agreement. Like ShearShare says, you work whenever, wherever.

Nikki, an Atlanta based hairstylist, said, “ShearShare has transformed my business! As a stylist, I enjoy being able to book temporary salon space in just a few clicks. It puts me at ease to know that I can service my clients in a professional salon environment and save a ton of overhead costs at the same time. This service is totally genius.”

Some technology, like ShearShare, wakes us up.

They bring us a new idea or a new way to do things. They challenge us to think differently, they challenge the status quo. They make things that previously seemed impossible, possible.

We call a company like ShearShare, visionaries. They see a different future and act to make that future a reality.

And isn’t that what we’re all hoping to do with our lives — make a small piece of that dream, a future reality?