Written by AJ Durtschi

The Business of Caring

The simple act of caring is heroic. (1)

All business owners and entrepreneurs will tell you they care about their customer. This naturally leads to caring about the product or service offered and all of the steps in between. What most forget though, is to care about caring.

A business’s focus is the rudder that steers the ship. A focus on product development could mean a lack of customer interaction. A focus on the customer might lead to a detail being missed in the offered service. But the stand-out business, the one that’s remembered, focuses on caring.

All else being equal, these businesses win more because they simply care more.  They add meaning and not just value. Caring also leads to working harder and longer, and noticing small details that would have otherwise been left alone or forgotten.

Businesses that focus on caring attract great customers, and nothing improves a business more than having loyal customers.

Find out what makes us different and how we care about our customers by reading our manifesto, here.