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The “Coolest” Linens for Hot Austin Nights

The "Coolest" Linens for Hot Austin Nights | by AJ Durtschi

In Austin, we feel the August heat. In fact, we will feel it through October. It’s not uncommon in August to begin counting the consecutive days where it’s 100 degrees or hotter. To cool things down and prevent sleepless nights due to the heat, following are some choices to help you keep your nights “cool” and fresh with your bed linens.

1. Invest in anti-sweat sheets.

If you’re experiencing night sweats or you live in an area like Austin, Texas that experiences blistering hot summer days and nights, investing in sheets that are designed to prevent moisture from becoming a problem will be of great benefit to you.

Following are a few options to consider when shopping for those cool anti-sweat sheets.

Cooling sheets

Cooling sheets are designed to reduce heat, eliminate moisture, and cool your body. These types of sheets are similar to sturdy fabrics which are also designed to reduce moisture and heat. Cooling sheets comprised of polyester, cotton, and spandex blend fabrics. These type of sheets keep your body dry and comfortable because they eliminate body heat.

Cotton Sheets

Cotton is a great alternative to silk and is very affordable. Cotton sheets are also available in a variety of finishes, such as jersey, percale, and sateen. They each have their unique properties and benefits. These sheets are popular because they prevent heat from being retained. Those made with 100 percent cotton can release moisture which allows the body to stay dry. While there are multiple types of cotton sheets to choose from, cotton will help in preventing moisture, a must for those hot Austin summer months.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are also a good consideration. They are comprised of natural bamboo fibers which quickly absorb moisture while staying breathable and preventing the body heat from being trapped. These sheets provide a silky feeling and are very smooth to the touch. They also contain anti-fungal and antimicrobial elements that help reduce the presence and spread of bacteria within your sheets.

Other Options

In addition to choosing sheets that help prevent moisture and keep you cool, consider a few other options:

Portable fans

Consider placing a portable fan at the foot of your bed. This will allow for air circulation throughout your room.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are also popular and the most common way for circulating room air.

These options coupled with the right sheets will prevent you from waking up hot and uncomfortable.

2. Invest in quality.

The effectiveness of your summer sheets largely depends on the quality, thread count, and type of linen. Following are some things to keep in mind to ensure you’re using a quality sheet.

Get linens with a lightweight quality.

The two things that “cooler” sheets all have in common is being lightweight and are breathable. Finding a lightweight sheet is simply finding a fabric that feels airy and light instead of one that is thick and heavy. Lightweight sheets should be breathable and have a thread count of at least 200.

Inspect the linen for breathability.

The best way to check a fabric for this is to place a hand on one side and blow into it from the other side. The more air you feel the higher the breathability of the fabric.

Create air circulation.

The proper linens can provide a means to keep you cool. However, placing a cooling mattress pad beneath the sheets will provide additional circulation to improve the cool factor.

3. Invest in proper maintenance.

Protecting and extending the life of your linens has a lot to do with wear and tear as well as maintenance. While I recommend an ample supply of linens to cycle the use of your linens, it is also vital to have quality linens professionally cleaned and properly handled. This is something we provide at Austin Linen Service.

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