Written by AJ Durtschi

The Dirt On Commercial Linen Service & Laundry

Austin Linen Service laundry equipment

As the leader in the commercial laundry service in Austin, I have learned much about business, laundry, and service. Let me share the "dirt" on what I've learned.


Value is being redefined not just in commercial linen service but in every sector of business in Austin. It is hard to find a business sector that has not been disrupted. In the linen service, the lowest price is not always the most important, business owners and their customers actually prefer quality and clean linens.

Life in the Fast Lane

Today's business owners in Austin are moving at hyperspeed, and the need for linen cleaning services that reduce the time spent on managing clean laundry is strong. So the high demand in commercial laundry is clean linens, speed, superior cleaning results, and then repeat again.

Bright Lights, Big Texas City

Austin is considered the #1 place to start a business according to Forbes. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple are the world's biggest tech companies to expand in the Austin area. This translates into mega growth with over 152 people moving to Austin every single day according to the Austin Chamber of Commerce. The demand means more infrastructure is needed to support the new demands. It also means better conservation of water and electricity which are trying to keep up with the exponential growth.


At Austin Linen Service we are always thinking innovation. It doesn't take you long when you walk through our plant that you say ooh and aah as a result of the latest and newest innovations around linen service, cleaning, and productivity. We all live in the on-demand economy where consumers and businesses are changing their expectations of the laundry experience, and they're growing accustomed to getting what they want when they want it.

Service 2.0

The new reality in linen service is the customer wants an experience. To succeed in the Austin business market, services such as mine need to use a combination of online and offline strategies. These strategies are focused on helping customers stay on top of their laundry and giving them value throughout the experience.

I think you will agree that business and shopping habits are being shaped by various forces such as what I've mentioned above. They're also influenced by larger socioeconomic dynamics that I'll address at another time.

The bottom line is our customers seek performance, value, quality, speed, a fair price, and of course clean linens.

We want to earn your business.