Written by AJ Durtschi

The Importance of Hotel Linen Branding

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If you’re in the hospitality business then linens mean a lot more to you than almost any other industry. And like most products, your linens have a shelf life. Maintaining perfection in the quality of your linens is critical to maintaining your brand’s image.

Choosing the Optimum Hotel Linens

Purchasing the highest quality linens isn’t good enough if you’re not invested in your brand. The linens have to be on point with your image, and in addition, be cared for with methods that keep them looking pristine.

Protecting your linen investment isn’t just properly washing, caring for, ironing, and storing your linens, though. While those steps are important to the quality and longevity of your linens, you must also first choose the correct linens as well. They must be appealing and convey the brand image you want. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Colors – If you’re not going with all white, go with something calming, tranquil colors and minimal to no patterns. The goal is to project a crisp, clean, calming environment. But if you’re unsure, you can’t go wrong with fresh white linens and towels.
  • Type – A high thread count for sheets is a no-brainer, with 300 to 400 being the typical go-to number range within the industry. Keep longevity in mind here as you want to marry high thread count with quality so you aren’t having to replace your linens more than necessary.
  • Style – Triple sheets are all but a must and consist of a flat sheet, a middle sheet, and a fitted sheet. Don’t be afraid to overdo the pillows, somewhere in the 3 to 5 range works well as to not be overwhelming. The goal here is to keep the comfort of your guests as well as your overall brand impression in mind.

Protect Your Brand Investment

Amongst the lengthy list of things a hotel manager or bed-and-breakfast owner must pay attention to is perhaps one of the most important: the bedding and linens. In terms of customer perception, it certainly is. Investing in high-quality linens can be costly upfront, but the opportunity cost of not doing so and diminishing your brand is too great. You must protect your brand investment.

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