Written by AJ Durtschi

The Top 9 Mistakes Business Owners Make


At Austin Linen Service, we provide a linen service for just about any occasion or work environment, from the medical field, to salons and spas, fitness centers, hotels, and the local bed and breakfast. What is important to us is creating solutions and providing value, from linen services, to helping our customers grow their business.

Every business owner makes mistakes along the way, and has experienced some of the problems that occur with owning a business. Knowing some of the pitfalls can help you navigate and avoid making some of the common mistakes in business.

Here are some of the top mistakes that new (and even not so new) business owners can make:

  1. Fail to create a culture of accountability amongst employees.
  2. Allow unrealistic expectations and over-promises.
  3. Make changes without understanding the full impact for customers and employees
  4. Fail to initiate a successful business plan or model.
  5. Develop strategy and hires talent without understanding the true needs of the business
  6. Ignore or fail to focus on the metrics that could improve business and the value perception of customers
  7. Fail to develop a work-life balance
  8. Focus solely on the numbers instead of customers and staff
  9. Set expectations at unrealistic levels

Though some of these might seem obvious, we all can learn and grow from mistakes and failure.

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