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USA, Gold, and Linens

USA, Gold, and Linens | by AJ Durtschi

Michael Phelps just completed what looks to be his last Olympic swim, the 4×100 medley relay. It’s not a surprise. He shined as well as his teammates, and they won gold!

Leadership and winning

Not everyone wins gold. Just the winner. The winner leads. They never follow.

A hallmark of effective leadership is always to provide a clear vision for your business. It is important for your customers and your employees always to know where you are leading them.

At Austin Linen Service we want our linens to shine. Here’s the gold standard that we strive for in making sure our customer’s towels and linens are best:

1. We create our own luck.
I believe success is a combination of passion, guts, instinct, determination, hard work, and yes — luck. It’s been said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Therefore we are always innovating and looking to become better. Just wait until you see our goals for the future.

2. We deliver.
One of the core business lessons I have learned from my experience is to be willing to overcome difficult circumstances. This is a crucial character trait in my business and my employees. Intuitively, I am always searching for employees with the kind of personal style I’d find compatible with my own. My brain is always looking for people with skill, but my heart is also asking, “Will they deliver? Will they find a way to win?”

This is the cohesion and resolve that is necessary to commit to deliver on our promise, and to deliver on time.

3. We look for winners.
At Austin Linen Service, we strive to treat everyone the same. To deliver superior hospitality and the cleanest linens we hire only genuine, happy, optimistic people who see life as an opportunity and want to be part of a winning team.

4. We make it memorable.
The instincts our team has is to create the wow factor. We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond. If things go wrong, which sometimes happens, it is our passion to make it right, regardless of the circumstances. This allows our team to worry less about failure and more about looking for opportunities to make our service memorable.

While we celebrate the success of our athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics, we also celebrate our freedom in the USA and the opportunities we have to make a difference.

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