Was Everything Okay With The Linens?

Was Everything Okay With The Linens? | by AJ Durtschi

The bedspread in our room was okay. The desk was neat; the towels looked clean. We tried to ignore the carpet that was worn in places. The clerk at the front desk was polite and going through her routine questions.

The napkins were a little frayed, and yes, it did cross my mind that these should be replaced. The laminated corners of the menu were peeling a bit. The burgers and fries were as expected. The waitress was kind, and as she placed the bill on the table she asked, “Was everything okay?”

Yes, everything was okay. We didn’t have anything we felt the need to complain about, but it was just okay. And that is the problem a lot of business owners have: not seeing things through the eyes of our customers. But it can also be a tremendous opportunity.

Every day we can choose to see things the way they are and how our customers experience them. We can do business as usual and the experiences we create will be okay, but not worth the time for our customers to comment on or share with others.


We can decide to do the hard work and create something remarkable — something worth leaving a comment.

Experience why our linens and towels at Austin Linen Service are worth leaving a comment.


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