Written by AJ Durtschi

We Want Clean Linens

We Want Clean Linens | By Eric Austin

Do we want clean linens? Well, if online search is an indication, then yes of course we do. There are over 54,300,000 searches for “clean hotel linens.” A recent advertisement for a hotel on TripAdvisor promoted not just a clean room but adequate and clean towels every day.

If hotels, spas, medical facilities, and massage businesses are to provide quality linen service, following are some recommendations:

  1. Quality matters. The higher the cotton content, the better.
  2. Hire a reputable laundry service that uses commercial quality equipment.
  3. Linens, when dried, should be folded immediately and allowed to rest overnight. Yes, rest. The rest allows linens to iron itself and become wrinkle-free. Most dirty linen complaints come from what guests believe is dirty, but it is just wrinkled.
  4. Linens should never be placed on the floor. The floor soils linen and contributes to wear and tear.
  5. Keep a reliable inventory. An adequate linen stock is essential for an efficient operation.