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Which Linen Is Best? Cotton or Microfiber

Which Linen Is Best? Cotton or Microfiber | by AJ Durtschi

Choosing Your Sheets: Cotton or Microfiber is Austin Linen’s most popular article on our website and gets over 15,000 views a month. Our second most favorite article is Everything You Need to Know About Cotton Sheets which attracts 1,500 to 2,000 views each month. So I think it’s pretty fair to say that the topic of cotton and microfiber linens is one that gets a lot of online attention.

So which is better, cotton or microfiber?

When choosing cotton or microfiber towels or sheets, the following criteria is what we used to determine which is best.

1. Quality and Comfort
2. Durability and Care
3. Appearance


The feel and comfort is a matter of opinion but is perhaps the most important quality. Those seeking a silky-smooth feel against their skin will better achieve this goal by choosing cotton or microfiber materials that are higher in thread count or the smaller the denier, the better the comfort and the quality.


A high thread count will be much more durable than a low thread count linen. Keep in mind low-quality cotton linens will more than likely pill and grow less comfortable over time.

Many laundry professionals believe that the benefit of investing in quality cotton sheets is as time goes by they are easier to care for and maintain durability.

Microfiber linens achieve their durability from the tightly woven material. The best advice here is to choose quality microfiber linens. Less quality microfiber linens become worn and less durable, especially with daily washing.


It’s obvious you want the best outcome for every situation. If it’s sheets, towels, or clothing knowing the differences between cotton and microfiber is important.

Appearance more than likely will come down to quality. Both microfiber and cotton, depending on their quality can give you the appearance you want.

If it’s clothing you are deciding on, thanks to modern production technologies around microfiber and cotton, they afford you the luxury to choose from a wide range of products that fit specific individual features.

So again which is better, cotton or microfiber?

When compared side-by-side, many laundry professionals prefer microfiber. They like that Microfiber is highly absorbent and efficient in picking up or removing liquids or dirt.

There are others who will say cotton is better because it is breathable and won’t scratch surfaces and is relatively inexpensive compared to microfiber.

Either way, I believe it will always come down to quality and care and the experience you create.

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