Written by AJ Durtschi

Why A Linen Service is a Must for Your Hotel

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There are certain aspects of a business, that when run successfully, aren’t even noticed by a customer. Hotels are no different. Sheets might be enjoyed for their cleanliness and comfort, but that’s expected. Towels are also expected to be fresh, pristine, and clean as the norm. Only when a rumpled sheet or stained towel makes its way to a guest’s attention is the cleaning process and ultimately the hotel’s image questioned.

Managing linens is just one of the many jobs a hotel manager has, but it’s important in order to provide and maintain the best linens possible, as well as ensure a positive image of the hotel in the opinion of it’s guests. That’s where a quality linen service company can help.


Image is irreplaceable. In today’s world, one disgruntled customer could mean one bad review on Yelp or a host of other social media outlets. Multiply that one disgruntled or angry customer review by the hundreds or more people that read it, and you can see an impact that negatively affects business. Simply put, a hotel must remain synonymous with clean, comfortable and welcoming. One dirty sheet, frayed towel, or stained uniform can easily turn into bad reviews or publicity that hurts the business and damages the hotel’s image.


Inviting, fresh linens require expert care. The list of things to properly manage a hotel’s linens can be long and expensive. For starters, this includes the expense of high-quality heavy duty washers, dryers, pressers and other equipment, and finding, hiring and training additional skilled workers to handle the workload. Proper care and maintenance must be implemented as well to ensure the linens are not damaged, and to keep them looking great for as long as possible. Hiring a quality linen service to care for your hotel linens means that they are properly handled and cared for, and they are fresh and inviting for your guests, week in and week out.

Care and Quality

There is no fix for damage to a hotel’s image from lack of quality. Washing, drying, pressing, and sorting are all steps that, if not done correctly, can allow a dirty or stained linen to make its way to the guests. If maintained poorly, linens fade, stains become permanent, edges are frayed, and this results in a poor offering of linens for your guests.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind in a complex management setting is invaluable. Managing a hotel is an arduous task that can be a complicated juggle of the many different areas of the hotel. However, knowing that the linens your guests are using are clean and pristine is one less headache to worry about.

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