Our Story

Austin Linen is a young entrepreneur's dream come true after a tiring journey of developing his own brand and successfully executing its sales. After his completion of studies from the University of Texas at Austin, Adil Chawala decided to bring the family textile exports business to a new level; In 2020, he launched his own company in Texas and brought a wide range of sleep comfort products with full range of home textiles. Due to his love for the city he grew up in, Chawala introduced his innovative textile products under the brand umbrella of Austin. After establishing the company, he travelled the World to launch Austin as a major online brand and show people the sunset colors of Austin through home textiles and sustainable fashion. The brand focuses on comfort, styling, sustainability and high value for money when it comes to purchasing home textiles online. The guiding principles behind the launch of the brand are Quality, Design Elegance, Comfort, Usability and Product Development of Greener Environmental friendly products.


Have a look at the soothing sleep and interior décor ideas of a next skill level of creativity backed up by top of the line supply chain management.

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